Pi Time

It’s 3:14 am as I type this.  Pi time.  It’s shift change time.  Linda has had a few hours sleep in bed, taken care of the dog, and returned to the hospital to tag me.  She will now be with Mary Ellen as she sleeps and I will get some sleep here at home.

Mary Ellen has been recovering well, but she has had very little “awake time.”  This is probably for the best, as she has a lot of fresh pain to manage.  The very good news is that her breathing has not been so shallow his time around, which means she has not been awakened frequently by alarms and parent’s reminders to take “deep breaths” so often.  Morphine has been her friend.  When she does wake up, it’s to say “ouch” and gladly press the green button again.

Mary Ellen has had some nausea to deal with this time, which is no fun at all.  But the second anti-nausea medication they tried seems to have done the trick.  She still hasn’t really had anything but a bit of water since before midnight on Monday though.  We ordered a cup of tea for her dinner.  It’s all she wanted.  But, it grew cold while she slept and she never had an opportunity to enjoy it.

There is much more to tell, but it’s for Mary Ellen to tell, herself, when she is awake again.  So far, she’s made two brave attempts to scribble something down for me to transcribe to her blog.  However, she faded after a few partial sentences each time.

And so, like Linda and I, you must wait patiently for Mary Ellen’s recovery.  Thanks so much for all the kind thoughts and prayers.  It’s what we can do for now, and it’s enough.

8 thoughts on “Pi Time

  1. Praying and sending hugs from New York, I know all to well about meds, shift changes, and those pesky alarms praying for a quick recovery.

  2. Thanks Laurie and Stephanie. I just spoke to Linda and she’s off the breathing monitor now, so one less alarm to bother her. She’s still not been awake much, but morning rounds will start soon, so she will probably wake up a bit to talk to the doctors.

  3. So glad for the prayers that have been coming your way and for the progress you have shared. Blessings to you all.

  4. Boy this surgery and recovery is serious business. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I imagine the electronic companionship is greatly appreciated in the still night hours. Thankful for good drugs that will help ME not remember this part too clearly. I hope all the reports are good, and swift in coming. If we can provide some small comfort for you or Linda, be sure to name it.

  5. Always supporting you when you feel tired. Raising you up body and spirit. Do you need any small portion food for the hospital. Do you need me to take care of Deacon?

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